ERP for Product Planning, Inventory Control to Client Management

The product gives you a comprehensive overview and visibility of your project details, helps you keep a tab and streamline processes, manage real time dynamics, improve efficiency and thus, gives you a revenue boost.

Our modules


The module comprises features such as tracking all leads from all sources, managing the sales funnel. It also ensures capturing of all interactions at all levels with customers and pushing the deal towards closure.

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Customer Section

The aim of this section is to manage the existing customers, their modification requests and all their important data and legal papers at one place.

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Project Management

The module aims at managing and streamlining operations and processes involved in the construction process. This includes all the stages of Project Management, from assignment of tasks, check lists, implementation details, work status and completion as well as work review.

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Contractor Management

The module aims at managing and assigning work to various agencies. From drafting the project proposal for the work required, contacting the contractor, asking for quotations to compare and finalize the best quotation are the tasks which can be performed under this Module.

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Material Management

The module aims at managing the inflow and consumption of materials required at the construction site. From sending material requests, contacting the suppliers, asking for quotations and placing the order to keeping a tab on utilization of materials and the inventory, all these tasks can be performed under this Module.

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This module stores and organizes all the important files and documents regarding the project such as AutoCAD files, drawings pdf, structure files, working drawings etc..

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