Material Management

Material Management

The module aims at managing the inflow and consumption of materials required at the construction site. From sending material requests, contacting the suppliers, asking for quotations and placing the order to keeping a tab on utilization of materials and the inventory, all these tasks can be performed under this Module.

Material Master

This sub-module keeps a tab on lists of all resources required for a project

Material Order

This sub-module shows the status of the submitted material quotations.

Material Request

Here, requests for materials on site can be placed and monitored. The material request is formulated and then sent to the supplier/s to get the quotations. Once the costing is approved, the required material order is placed.

Material Utility

Keep a track of the delivery of the materials, it’s utilization and transfer to other project sites with this module! Most of the time the material arrives in batches, and is utilized in phases, so an organized system helps keep the entire operation in check.

Material Inventory

In this module you can get an overview of all the materials and it’s delivery, consumption, damage and transfer.

Suppliers List

In this sub-module, all the suppliers approached by the developer in the past will be listed along with their details.

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